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Council for Continuous Improvement
Experience The Council for Continuous Improvement was a consortium established in the early 1990s to foster increased American competitiveness through the spread of quality management practices. Founding members included IBM, Lockheed, Motorola, and other major American industrial players. CCI held regular conferences where members had the opportunity to attend workshops and hear expert presentations on a broad range of topics, including business process improvement, change management, ISO 9000, and the Learning Organization.

Doing business as GRAFIX, I won a contract to write and produce the Proceedings for these conferences. This was a critical assignment, as CCI was basically a knowledge-driven organization, and the Proceedings were a core product. These documents were the organization memory of CCI, and as a library, they provided a primary resource which members used to deploy CCI's knowledge throughout their own businesses. I provided a turn-key production service for this product, from collecting presentation audio tapes and hand-outs to delivering ready-to-publish electronic document files.

The product life cycle began at the quarterly conferences, where I personally attended key presentations and networked with presenters, members, and staff. CCI staff arranged for the audiotaping (and occasionally videotaping) of all presentations and workshops. I collected the final tapes from hotel A/V and obtained copies of all presenter hand-outs. I was responsible for transcribing the audiotapes (usually outsourced) and then writing Proceedings based on the transcripts (usually done myself). Final copy was submitted to the original presenter for approval, and the approved text was desktop published in Quark Xpress (usually under my supervision).

When I took over this product, the CCI Proceedings were little more than expanded meeting minutes, capturing the bare outline of the content of each talk. Under my guidance, the Proceedings became content-rich white papers that captured both the full substance and the flavor of each presentation, without the awkward constructions often found in literal transcriptions of verbal speech.

The Proceedings were so successful that I was asked to write a column on behalf of CCI that would appear in a bi-monthly journal called The Total Quality Review. Presenters also reprinted my accounts of their presentations as promotional collateral.
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Conference Proceeding
Conference Proceeding
Newsletter article
Newsletter article
Newsletter article
[101K pdf] "Wealth of Organizations"
[109K pdf] "Process Mgmt & Cycle Time Reduction"
[144K pdf] "The Theory of Constraints"
[80k pdf] CCI News: Integrated Product Development
[125k pdf] CCI News: Leadership
[121k pdf] CCI News: Organizational Memory

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