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Experience I first met Hello Kitty in 1981. Beginning as a freelance production artist in the South San Francisco headquarters for Sanrio in the U.S., I soon became a full-time contract designer, managing the creation of sales promotion materials, as well as creating packaging and product designs for the American market. After my colleagues and I demonstrated the market for locally designed merchandise, we were replaced by a Japanese-led design team from the corporate headquarters.

My Sanrio experience led directly to assignments with Dakin, a manufacturer of plush toys (most notable for the Garfield craze of the late '80s). I provided a variety of product development services for Dakin, including concept sketches, packaging artwork, product naming, and catalog copy.

Branching out in the toy industry, I did extensive work for Robinson-Clarke Creative (now Robinson-Clarke-Treacy), a creative agency that provided packaging, adverstising, and other design services for Galoob Toys (MicroMachines and others), YES! Entertainment, and more. I also provided product mockups and packaging comps for University Games in Palo Alto.
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Product designs, packaging, and promotional materials
Online samples not available. Contact Marc to see portfolio.
Online samples not available. Contact Marc to see portfolio.

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